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OCA launches platform for virtual walkathon

18 May 2021

Keeping with COVID-19 protocols, the Oman Cancer Association (OCA) has decided to hold its 17th Annual Walkathon virtually with an aim to raise cancer awareness among the public.

Slated for May 22 and 23, the event will be hosted on a special platform, which would be accessible for 48 hours continuously for the registrants and their families to access from home. 

“This platform is the latest and we at the OCA are very proud to own it, as it will support us in achieving our mission,” Dr Wahid bin Ali al Kharusi, president of the association said.

“The platform for the virtual walkathon will be immersive, interactive, enjoyable and easy to use and can be accessed from a number of different modern devices,” he said, adding that “the walk is estimated to be just over an hour and a half”. 

“While virtually walking the registrants will have an opportunity to become aware of the status of the association and will be introduced to a number of the association’s programmes and the work done by the association including its vision, mission and objectives. We will introduce the community to the many awards received by the association locally and internationally.”

The registration (available only in English, Arabic and Hindi) can be done through the OCA website ( 

Dr Kharusi pointed out that the COVID-19 pandemic “has changed the modus operandi of awareness events”. 

“The Oman Cancer Association is being diligent to fight the pandemic” and hence it is “fully practising and applying the Omani government and the Supreme Committee decisions” while going about creating awareness for cancer and supporting the cancer patients and their families, he said. “We are determined to continue with our programmes and accept the paradigm change by remodelling the mode of their implementation.”



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