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Let’s learn from India

15 May 2021

The sharp spike in COVID-19 cases in India is a lesson for all of us to be on high alert about this deadly virus.

India is currently struggling to deal with the fast transmission that has resulted in daily cases going over 400,000 on certain days, in addition to thousands of daily deaths. 

The virus was let loose when the authorities allowed the religious festivals to take place without restrictions against the spread of the pandemic. The mass gathering of millions of people participating in rituals has contributed greatly in this fast transmission of the virus and due to the negligence of the precautionary measures.

The point is, we must keep in mind that the pandemic is not a game, its a war with an unseen army. We should strictly adhere to the precautionary measures set by a national committee regarding the pandemic. 

We should also stress that all decisions made by the committee are taken after considerable and comprehensive review of the progress of the pandemic in a country. 

Any negligence or violation of the rules will cost us many more lives. 


Ahmed Mohammed



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