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Great benefits on dream sedan Infiniti Q50

15 May 2021

Extending an opportunity for luxury enthusiasts to realise their passion for Infiniti brand, Infiniti Oman is offering an exclusive deal on Infiniti Q50. 

Customers who purchase Infiniti Q50 during the promotion are eligible for assured cash gift, free registration, free window film and ceramic paint protection coat, free periodic vehicle service package and free AAA assistance card. The special offer is valid till June 6. 

A senior spokesperson at Infiniti Oman said, “The Infiniti Q50 sedan has been the key driver of Infiniti’s success in the sultanate due to its sensuous, dynamic and bold styling, segment leading features and pulsating performance that delivers excellent output. Assuring our esteemed customers a lucrative deal, the special offer is one that should not be missed.”

Assured cash gift 

Assured cash gift of RO2,500 is being offered on Infiniti Q50. The cash gift can be adjusted in the down payment of the car if customer opts for it. 

Free registration

 All customers purchasing Infiniti Q50 during this scheme period will be eligible for free first year vehicle registration. Applicable to the extent of Private Registration only.

For commercial registrations, additional amount needs to be borne by customer. 

Free window film and ceramic paint protection coat 

All customers purchasing Infiniti Q50 during this scheme will be eligible for free window film (side and rear glass) and ceramic paint protection coat. All customers purchasing Infiniti Q50 during this scheme period will be eligible for free periodic maintenance service package for three years/60,000km (whichever is earlier). All customers purchasing Infiniti Q50 during scheme period will receive free AAA assistance card for first year only.

Infiniti Q50: The head-turning sport sedan 

The Infiniti Q50 sedan which offers an optimal blend of ride comfort and class-leading agility has impressed the new generation of buyers. Its engines and chassis technologies that deliver empowering performance and rewarding drive have been a big winner with Oman’s auto enthusiasts.

 The brand puts put high performance at the heart of the Infiniti Q50. The 400-horsepower twin-turbocharged 3.0lt V6 engine offers class-leading performance that’s bound to get your heart racing. With 475 Nm of torque, acceleration is effortless. You can also choose the brand’s class-leading twin-turbocharged V6 that returns 300 HP and 400 Nm of torque. 

With the Infiniti Q50, you can choose from two engines: the 300 HP 3.0lt V6 Twin turbo or the exhilarating 400 horse power 3.0lt Twin Turbo V6. 

The RED SPORT 400 has Kacchu Aluminum trim and red contrast stitching that takes the cabin to a new level.

The Infiniti Q50’s suspension shapes the drive around you. 

As road conditions change, it automatically adjusts your vehicle’s body roll, pitch and bounce rate for smooth, comfortable ride. Dynamic Digital Suspension comes equipped with two distinct settings, Standard and Sport. Select Standard mode for comfortable, dynamic handling. Engage Sport mode for firmer dampening and greater agility. 

With Infiniti Q50 one can set their preference for a soft or firm ride through the Drive Mode Selector. Electronically adjusted dampers do the rest, applying the right amount of force to keep the drive feeling balanced. 


The double-wave hood draws the eye along the car to the crescent- shaped rear windows. Strong lines and characteristic headlights create a premium sport sedan that always draws attention.

 The Infiniti Q50 is available in a selection of colours, including new Slate Gray. Or go for something that reflects your personality more, like new Grand Blue. Its signature Q50 headlights cast an illuminating gaze, making their presence known day or night. With their distinct crescent shape, they flow elegantly into the strong shoulder line of the Infiniti Q50. 


 With luxurious materials, thoughtful ergonomics and meticulous craftsmanship, the Infiniti Q50 interior will make every journey a pleasure. Infiniti Q50 is designed with a view that there would be no wasted space.

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