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How to spend Eid at home

10 May 2021

This year, once again Eid will be a home-bound affair. So make the most of it by planning some interesting ways to spend quality time at home with the family and make the festive season memorable in a unique way.


Spruce up

Clean up and decorate your home as well as car. Use festoons, balloons and home made decorations and lights to bring in a festive atmosphere in your home. Decorate each room and passage differently – use lamps, candles, banners with messages and personal wishes for family members. Wash and clean up your car – spruce up the interiors with new seat covers or floor mats, place stuffed toys and new cushions.


Dress up

You don’t have to spend your holiday at home in your pyjamas or shorts – dress up, choose your favourite outfit or a new one and ask all members of the family to dress up in festive attire. Take family photos and instantly send them out to friends and relative with your Eid wishes and greetings.


Drive and wish
Go for a short drive around your block or locality. Don’t visit friends or relatives but drive past their villas or apartments and wave out or shout our ‘Eid Mubarak’. Inform them in advance about your arrival time so that they can come to the window or balcony to wave out.


Cook together

Plan your festive lunch/dinner and assign tasks to all family members so that everyone has a role to play with regard to treats and snacks, salads and soups, main course and desserts. This way, the burden of cooking need not be upon just one or two members. Decorate your dinner table, give it a restaurant feel. Bring out your special crockery and cutlery from the showcase and dine in style. If you want to avoid cooking, order your favourite dishes from outlets that are open and offer home delivery. Make sure to place your orders well before meal time to have them delivered on time.


Do a barbecue

If you do have the luxury of a compound or outdoor seating area within your premises, bring out your barbecue set, marinate stuff for grilling and add some fun to your meal time with items straight off the grill. This is ideal for making each meal feel different indoors.


Open presents

Have a special time together for presenting gifts and opening them together. Let all family members be present together and share their joys over gifts as well as offer gratitude in different ways.


Have a henna session

Get Henna cones from the supermarket and enjoy a henna session together. Create interesting designs on hands/arms and feet and let male members join in the fun by sharing their skill or creativity.

Organise Zoom meets

Organise Zoom meetings with other family members who are away, or with relatives and friends. Share experiences and pleasantries, sing together or share jokes – have a nice time of interesting interaction using technology to the best. Give a name for your Zoom interaction and ask every participant to introduce himself/herself in a special way and hold out a unique wish. Include the children in family interaction or have special sessions for children.

Enjoy music together

Have a Karaoke session in the family and insist on all members participating. Appoint a DJ and enjoy popular music together. Have sing-song session, offer prizes and appreciation points or vote for the best singer at home.

Watch interesting programmes on television that the entire family can watch together and discuss/debate over it.



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