Wednesday, July 06
06:19 PM

Gearing up for pre-Eid lockdown


Different people are reacting in different ways to the pre-Eid lockdown that will be enforced next week in Oman. Panic buying is evident in malls as customers race against time to get all they need to celebrate Eid al Fitr.            

The lockdown has taught the populace to be alert and on their toes to purchase whatever they may need before the closure. Starting on May 8 and ending on May 15, all commercial activities will be banned throughout the day with the exception of food stores, gas stations, health institutions and pharmacies.

On Monday, shopping centres were packed with people who were stocking up Eid supplies. 

“We have had a number of customers since this morning. Footfall suddenly increased today. Customers know that they have just a few days to shop before the closure of commercial activities,” said Warda Mohammed, owner of a women’s dress shop in Ghubra.

Dressmakers and tailors are among the busiest at this time of the year. “We were worried that we would lose Eid business because of the closure but it seems people are aware that they need to shop in advance. We have seen a good number of customers at our store and we expect more business in the next few days,” said an attendant at a shop in Najoom Mall in Amerat.

Asila al Naamani, owner of a salon in Seeb, suddenly found herself busy on Monday. “We were uncertain about work but unexpectedly, I started receiving calls from women needing my services. Normally, there’s a rush one or two days before Eid.”

Rufaidah al Rawahi drove down two hours from Izki to shop in Muttrah Souq. On Monday, she was seen helping her younger brother Zakariah choose a kummah for Eid.  “We came all the way from Izki for Eid shopping. We wanted to make sure we do so much in advance.”


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