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MoL launches ‘Skills and Capabilities Passport’

1 May 2021

The Ministry of Labour (MoL) has launched ‘Skills and Capabilities Passport’ for its ‘Training for Employment’ programmes run at vocational training institutes. 

The passport promotes the importance of Human Capability Development and encourages MoL’s lifelong learning outlook influenced by Oman Vision 2040. The introduction of the passport aims to educate the sponsored trainees about the importance of competitive qualifications, employability skills and the English language. 

The passport will be used as a tool to certify the trainee’s learning journey and in the future boost their employability both locally and internationally. In addition to encouraging lifelong learning, the skills and capabilities listed in the passport will allow trainers and trainees to train according to international standards to improve training quality to meet the needs of the private sector and beyond. 

Aligned with delivering the priorities of Oman Vision 2040, the aim is to use the passport and training as a tool to promote a productive and efficient workforce. This will create a resilient workforce adaptable to change and foster critical thinking, emotional intelligence and agility. 

The passport focuses on three main areas – technical skills, behavioural skills and the English language. 

The passport benchmarks the English language level of the trainee against the Common European Framework of Reference that is internationally recognised. Furthermore, the Behavioural Skills Competencies have been benchmarked with international organisations such as the World Economic Forum, and are identified within each curriculum module. 

Training programmes are further linked to MoL’s Labour Market Intelligence Occupational Profiles that encompass international standards (ISCO-08 and O*NET databases) when it comes to technical skills. 

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