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Ministry mulls using remote sensing techniques to combat crop pests

28 Apr 2021

As part of its efforts to protect agricultural crops and plants, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources is studying the use of remote sensing techniques to combat crop pests. 

The ministry said the study has shown that remote sensing techniques could be used to fight the dubas bug that infects palm trees, which are cultivated across various governorates.

Remote sensing techniques are modern effective techniques in studying natural resources (soil, water, vegetation) and identifying their locations and characteristics. 

The ministry, in cooperation with the University of New England, has conducted a research study funded by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. The study relied on an image captured by WorldView-3 satellite for a group of villages in the wilayat of Samail in Dakhliyah governorate.

The results of the study indicate the possibility of using remote sensing technology in surveying and identifying the sites of the dubas palm insect infestation and detecting early infection levels with an efficiency of up to 68 per cent.

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