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Spectacular JAC J7 launched in Oman at TAC

26 Apr 2021

Everyone wants to own a car that they are proud to own, one in which they feel that they can take on the roads and feel liberated in. With the new JAC J7 you can feel all that and more.

JAC Oman recently launched the JAC J7 at Towell Auto Centre (TAC). The newly launched car was the star of the event catching the eyes of the onlookers. It comes in four colours: red, blue, grey and white. The specifics and the colours of the car all stay true to the models slogan – Desire to be Different.


Specifics of J7

The specifics of the car are extremely noteworthy and far from what anyone has ever experienced before. What would grab your attention as soon as you lay your eyes on the J7 would be its stylish waterfall intake grille. Its design gives an impression of power not just in the feel of it, but also in the way it is driven. 

Coming on to its stellar exterior, the JAC J7 has a remarkable sports back design giving it a luxurious,sporty feel. It’s a style which would turn heads wherever the J7 is driven. 

What really gives a boost to this dynamic vehicle is its turbocharged engine which generates 210Nm Torque. It really propels the car ahead and ensures a smooth and speedy drive. The primary function of a turbocharger which is connected to an engine, is to give it more power. This allows the JAC J7 to put out more horsepower and torque, more than other  ordinary vehicles.Turbochargers utilise the engine’s hot, expelled air to spin the compressor wheel and take in outside air. This reduces the amount of waste production. Just another one of the reasons why the J7 should be on your list of cars to invest in. 

One of the most commendable parts about the JAC J7 is its independent rear suspensions for greater space and comfort. Added to this it enables an exceptional performance on uneven surfaces. The J7 is able to withhold traction as the movement of each rear wheel does not get impacted by the other as it would on solid-axle vehicles. 

Added to this, the interiors are also not far behind and at par with the exteriors of the J7. 

The grey and black coloured seating perfectly compliments the beautiful,vibrant  shade of its exterior. 

JAC motors always puts the convenience of its customers on the top of its priority list. And it has done the same with the J7. 

When you look inside the car, your eyes would immediately go towards the 10.4 vertical touch screen making it useful to make calls, listen to music and for easy navigation through difficult addresses.

The seasoned driver always opts for the power steering for a relaxed and effortless drive. With the JAC J7 the bar has been raised with its electrical power steering designed for it’s driver’s  comfort and ease. 

The electrical power steering is also energy efficient and environmentally suitable. So now with the new JAC J7 you can have an effortless drive and can play your part in protecting the environment. The fact is having an all in one desirable car is going to be a new experience and a spontaneous choice in a world of look alike sedans.

JAC Motors joined hands with Towell Auto Centre in 2008 to bring JAC commercial vehicles into the Sultanate of Oman. Throughout the past decade, both partners have ensured their part of the deal with JAC bringing high-quality vehicles and TAC providing excellent Sales and After Sales service to their customers. 2020 marks the launch of new passenger cars under this partnership with an aim to provide unmatched quality coupled with the best value. 

Currently, JAC offers a vast range of vehicles in Oman including SUVs, vans, trucks, and light commercial vehicles with a vision to have a model to serve everyone’s needs. 

Have a look at in detail on JAC Oman’s website


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