Saturday, September 18
09:33 PM

No advance payment for leaves in public sector: Ministry

20 Apr 2021

The Ministry of Finance has issued a financial circular to all ministries and government units to stop paying salaries in advance for annual leaves.

The circular clarified that this rule has been passed taking into account the Financial Law issued by Royal Decree No 47/98, the Civil Service Law issued via Royal Decree No 120/2004 and the Financial Circular No 20/2020 issued regarding electronic processing of salaries. 

‘In light of activating the electronic salary transfer system, the Ministry of Finance has instruc-ted all ministries and government units to halt paying salaries in advance for annual leave. The system aims at accelerating and facilitating the transaction of salaries and other entitlements, as well as enhancing internal controls,’ the circular stated.

The ministry called on all ministries and public institutions to adhere to the contents of the circular in the larger interest of the public. ‘The internal audit units must play their role in following up on the implementation of this rule.’


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