Sunday, January 16
02:41 PM

Fasting and reciting the Q’uran – Path to piety


Ramadan is going by fast. I wish it lasted forever because the month never fails to uplift me spiritually. Last night was a real treat for me because we – as a family – attended a Q’uran recitation session at home.

I gathered my wife and children in one room to recite some verses of the Q’uran together with the aim of learning from each other and to correct one another.

We chose one chapter and repeated it several times over an hour with the aim of memorising it. While doing so, I felt like I was in a trance. It was soothing and even though I couldn’t really understand what the words meant, I could feel them awakening me. What a beautiful feeling.

During Ramadan, it is important to engage with the Q’uran more than we normally do because it is the month when it was revealed to mankind. According to the people of knowledge, reciting the Q’uran during Ramadan brings people closer to their creator.

Ramadan is a blessed month. Allah’s wisdom decreed that He revealed the Q’uran in one of the most blessed nights in Ramadan – Laylat al Qadr or the Night of Decree. Allah, the Almighty, says, “Indeed, we sent it down during a blessed night.” (Surat ad Dukhan: 3).

Religious leaders tell worshippers that fasting and reciting the Q’uran are the best path to piety and fear of Allah. Thus, whoever fasts in Ramadan, recites the Q’uran, reflects upon its teachings and obeys its rulings will, by Allah’s grace, achieve piety – and ultimately – happiness in this world and the Hereafter.

It is important to note that our relationship with the Q’uran this month should not be limited to just the nightly Taraweeh prayers, but we must devote ourselves to studying the holy book outside of prayer as well.

In this era when time is never enough for anyone, most Muslims including myself, hardly find time to read the Q’uran. Sadly, it has merely become an adornment on shelves. However, Ramadan brings the divine opportunity to bring ourselves closer to Allah through the Q’uran.

It is best if every Muslim makes a pledge to start reciting the Q’uran or complete the entire holy book within this month. But this can be quite challenging for those of us who pretend to be busy. Let me make it clear – we can do it and I must say that ‘where there is a will, there is a way’.

Following one hour of our Q’uran session, I felt lighter and happier and had more love for the world during the rest of the night. 

Till we meet again, may Allah grant us the love for the Q’uran! Ameen!


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