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Developing & implementing strategies

19 Apr 2021

Many countries in the Middle East aim at becoming centres of investments and attracting foreign funds into local projects and new ideas. The governments prepare vision-plans, develop strategies and establish roadmaps for their individual countries to be able to achieve these goals. Seldom are these goals achieved. What are the reasons?

When an idea and a roadmap are prepared and given to various institutions and ministries, their realisation becomes difficult. An investor calls the ministry and wants to have an appointment, having read in the press the details of the projects; and he is asked so many questions such as who he is, what does he want, etc, often he is told that relevant officials are at a meeting – this type of attitude and behaviour discourage potential investors. The projects have been sent to the ministries, but no one took the time to explain to the employees what the country wants to achieve. Some ministries do not allow an investor to even enter the ministry, they allow only the PRO to enter there. 

What might be a clear and beautiful vision for a country does not become a reality, because it requires proper education of the people, governmental employees, private sector, the press, etc.

Some countries which have witnessed big booms, started by saying that their people did not know anything. ‘Let us open the door to experts from abroad who have good ideas, and know how to implement them’, was their idea. 

Their population is benefiting from these developments. Some other countries want to control everything; and not having their people educated, most of their projects remain as nice ones – only in papers and cupboards.

Educating people, in particular the youth, requires proper information that can be easy to understand and expressed clearly in the press, TV, etc. It can be done through different games for the youth too.

Without the distribution of tasks throughout the entire country, progress cannot be achieved.

With the arrival of the COVID-19, the entire vision for the future needs to be revised. This new technological world has its own language and requires a better understanding. The time of oil which could be sold from the Middle East at exorbitant prices has gone and innovation is the new motto. Today, investors have extensive possibilities and nobody is queuing up to come to the country. There is a huge requirement to promote the potential of the country to even start creating an interest in it. 

The new motto requires new ways of communication in all sectors, from design, finance, taxation, employment, promotions, controls, etc. The countries which will be able to educate their people, their employees and implement the strategy of establishing new ways of implementing the broad ideas will be the winners and attract foreign investors.


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