Friday, January 21
03:08 PM

A month to change not just schedules but hearts


Ramadan is here; we will be fasting for the next four weeks or so. No water or food from sunrise to sunset. 

During the month, we must also refrain from all bad habits, including backbiting. Here, I clarify, I do not mean we can do so after Ramadan but this is the chance to wipe away bad habits forever. 

I have always dreaded the beginning of Ramadan, because of symptoms of caffeine withdrawal. Hunger is also a challenge, but the biggest problem I face is headaches caused by thirst. Since we can’t drink water, I get dehydrated in the first few days. But my body readjusts after the first week and it’s pretty much smooth sailing after that. 

Despite the challenges, I cherish Ramadan. I see it as a chance to reorient myself to my faith.

So, as we move on, let us remind ourselves that Ramadan does not come to change our schedules but our hearts for our own good in many ways.

Fasting also lets us experience what millions of impoverished people struggle with: hunger and starvation. It makes me more aware of the suffering of others and compels me to practise mindfulness and patience.

Ramadan Mubarak to all.

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