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Two exhibitions light up the art scene in Oman

10 Apr 2021 By HUBERT VAZ

Artists in Oman have recently come forth, literally, with a gusto of colour and vibrance that has not just revved up the art scene in Oman but also given artists ample opportunity to express themselves.

Currently, two joint art exhibitions are running simultaneously at different art galleries – Spring Salon 2021 at Matti Sirvio’s Art Gallery (in Jawharat al Shatti) and CalligArt (in Art & Soul Gallery, Water Front mall, Shatti Qurm).

While both exhibitions have totally different themes, there seems to be some invisible chord that binds them in some way and brings about a synergy in artistic expression. Viewers are spoilt for choice while those looking to purchase art for their homes or establishments have a wonderful spread to choose from.

The theme of the Spring Salon 202, curated by Matti Sirvio, Finnish artist and proprietor of the gallery, is My Homeland. In this exhibition, the mixed media artworks of artists from different parts of the world convey varied aspects of their own homelands with thought provoking messages. With an abstract approach, this exhibition, which showcases the works of 23 artists, brings forth diverse messages that range from the depiction of cultural realities to supernatural perceptions.

On the other hand, CalligArt, curated by Mohammed al Rawahy has a very traditional and Arabic theme. This is a mixed artists exhibition with over 16 Omani artists, comprising a mixture of calligraphy, acrylic, watercolour, nail and string ary, and photography. Some very renowned artists like Dr Ibrahim Noor, Tahira fida and Madny al Bakry are participating in this exhibition alongside some budding Omani artists like Jood al Hinai who has displayed her eco friendly bags and paintings in the exhibition. There also is some artistic resin art, as part of a Ramadan collection from Hayat al Lawati and Namariq, on display.
CalligArt will be on till April 13 While the Spring Salon 2021 continues till April 30.



Spring Salon 2021

Participating artists include:

Alaa Mohammed – Egypt

Clive Gracey – Ireland

Davina de Beer – South Africa

Dr Shalini Kumar – India

Elizabeth Davis – India

Emmanuel Peralta – Philippines

Estelle Kenyon – South Africa

Forugh Ansari – Iran

Harini Kumar – India

Hind Said al Balushi – Oman

Hubert Vaz – India

Kawthar al Harthi – Oman

Majid – Oman

Marcia Mallick – USA

Matti Sirvio – Finland

Mohammed Khalifa Mohammed – Oman

Nandana Kouli – India

Need Francis – India

Ney Bombeo – Philippines

Safa Sheikh – India

Saleem Sakhi – Oman

Sandra Bruttomesso – South Africa

Yehong Shen – China





Participating artists include:

Hafsa Banu

Namriq al Rawahi

Abdul Majid Karo

Bita Charosi

Fahad al Mamari

Dr Zahra Akbari

Fatima al Lawati

Hayat Salman

Tahira Fida

Mawia al Bahri

Khalil al Amri

Wedad al Mamarai

Jokha al Shekaili

Jood al Hinai


Mohammed al Rawahy

Dr Ibrahim Noor Bakry

Madny al Bakry

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