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STI Engineering LLC completes phase 1 of Al Bashayer Meat Factory in Oman

5 Apr 2021

STI Engineering LLC announced the successful completion of phase 1 of the newly inaugurated Al Bashayer Meat Factory in Thumrait, Dhofar, Sultanate of Oman. The 9km2 full project masterplan includes, the trading ground, the abattoir, the waste water treatment plants andrendering in addition to the feeding facilities, livestock feeding lot, and the 488 quarantine pens with an incinerator burial area, as well as a managers and staff villages on site. It is evident that the project has considered all aspects of a meat factory, each precisely designed in order to ease the flow of each and every step of the livestock process whilst meeting high quality international standards throughout.

The factory places great emphasis on the health and welfare of the animals throughout the entire process; right from its country of origin to the very end product delivery, in order to produce fresh and tasty ISO quality meat, slaughtered as per the Islamic rules and regulations. The carefully selected goats, sheep and cattle are gathered from Africa, Australia and South America, as well as the local market and closely groomed to the best of technical abilities so as to provide the purest and highest quality meat to its consumers. 

The Factory aims to increase the domestic use of resources in Oman and thus reducing the need on imports as a whole whilst implementing all measures as per the Omani protocols in minimising any environmental pollution to the country. 

STI Engineering collaboratedwith Hoehler + alSalmy (H+S), (project architects) to strategically design each and every aspect of the factory to cater to the highly specified project requirements. 

As a result, the consultancy managed to hand over the biggest section of the factory (the abattoir) as well as the related ancillary buildings by the end of 2020, enabling the Client to start the initial production right after. The full meat production has been achieved in early 2021. An outstanding accomplishment especially during the unpredictable pandemic period.

“It has been a challenge indeed over the last few months to say the least but we are honoured to have worked on the first of its kind, biggest Integrated Red Meat Factory in the region”, says Muatasim Al Kindi, CEO of STI Engineering LLC. The consultancy looks forward to continue working with Al Bashayer Meat company as it becomes the one and only stop to provide high quality meat within the Sultanate of Oman, as well as the leading meat supplier in the Middle East as a whole.

The most significant factor of Al Bashayer Meat factory is not just the technology implemented to minimise the dependence on external resources, but the large scale nature of the project in its self, in addition to the level of hygiene taken into consideration for each and every end product, allowing it to be the success it is known for today.

The project is already receiving its righteous recognition by being shortlisted as Commercial Project of the year by Construction Week Awards Oman, on 31st March 2021 and continues to compete against some of the biggest projects in the region.

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