Wednesday, January 26
09:45 AM

ROP calls for cooperation as officers exert every effort for public safety


The current movement ban was enforced for the second night on Monday. Unlike thousands of us who can work from home or can afford to go to our residencies early, especially during the COVID-19 crisis that currently requires us to be home by 8pm, Royal Oman Police (ROP) officers are on the frontlines keeping the public safe.

During the ongoing pandemic, the role of the police has remained the same – enforce the law and serve the public. 

However, because of their broad mandate they now have new responsibilities and that is to make sure that we all are home by 8pm for our own safety to curb the spread of the virus. And for this, they deserve a big ‘Thank you’ for spending sleepless nights.

ROP has said it will deal with people seriously who refuse to obey directives. But fortunately enough, it appears the public is obeying the orders so officers don’t have to deal with too many problems yet.

“Our duty is to keep you safe and secure while your commitment is vital to make this country COVID-19 free. May you always be safe. Your commitment is a source of pride for Oman, and future generations will remember and value your efforts. So, thank you for your cooperation and support,” an ROP official said.

Authorities in Oman have issued advisories tightening certain restrictions as part of the nation’s efforts to stem the spread of COVID-19. Effective March 28 through April 8, a nightly 8pm to 5am movement ban is in force due to a recent spike in cases.

All nonessential travel is prohibited during the movement ban hours. Moreover, an existing nationwide directive requiring commercial premises to remain closed has been extended until at least April 8. 

The measure does not apply to pharmacies, health institutions, and other services deemed essential.

While police is always at the front lines of responding to societal problems, ROP officers are also tasked with responding to health crisis too. So for this, we need to respect them. 

“We believe that your presence spreads peace and tranquility. Be safe so we all can take this country to safety. For your safety and for the sake of public good, cooperate with Royal Oman Police staff while performing their duties to maintain security and safety of Oman. May God protect you,” the ROP official said.

COVID-19 is now the most pressing problem we have faced in generations and our police will be there to respond. The role is the same, but their responsibilities now include having to be concerned with a new infectious disease while protecting the public. 

“We are proud when we witness the desire and prudence of this great community to overcome the pandemic of COVID-19,” the official added.

Citizens and residents that Muscat Daily spoke to said the phrase ‘thank you’ is not enough and does not convey the immense gratitude of the people and the country for the ROP team.

“ROP officers stand on the roads during all hours to assure safety of all the road users. They are our heroes and they need full respect and cooperation from us. By doing so, we prove to the world that our homeland and citizens and residents are always safe in their hands,” Khalfan al Khaldi, a retired government employee, said.

Others feel staying at home is necessary to curb the spread of the pandemic. 

“The virus is still present among us, so staying at home as much as possible is necessary. People need to understand that authorities are doing their best to safeguard our health,” Vinod Raghavan, a resident businessman said.

Oman’s land borders are also closed until further notice. The closure does not apply to commercial truck traffic. 

Nevertheless, Oman’s air and sea borders remain open. 

However, a travel ban from 11 countries remains in place until further notice. The countries affected by the directive are Lebanon, Sudan, South Africa, Brazil, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Guinea, the UK, and Ethiopia. 


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