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Motorists urged to avoid lockdown rush hour

29 Mar 2021 By MOHAMMED TAHA

With night lockdown coming into effect sharp at 8pm, taking to the roads even at 6pm is increasingly becoming every driver’s nightmare. For the second day running on Monday evening, several parts of the city witnessed traffic congestions.

“The night lockdown starts at 8pm. To avoid congestions, everyone should reach home before the lockdown comes into force. The ban on movement and closure requires everyone’s support,” an ROP official said.

He added, “Commercial establishments should stop activities at an appropriate time to ensure that their customers and employees can return home in time to avoid congestions. It’s important that everyone is cautious to avoid accidents.”

Nasser al Hosni, director of the Happy Line Transportation, told Muscat Daily that the last hour before the night lockdown sees traffic congestions on the roads.

“We need to spread awareness on the importance of completing shopping in time to avoid the rush hour,” he said.

“We need to learn time management to avoid crowding.”

He also called for the immunisation of more people to fight COVID-19 and said if people are not committed and do not follow the decisions of the Supreme Committee, the country may face a complete lockdown. 

All mainline media and social media platforms should play a  role in educating people on COVID-19 protocols, said Sultan al Rawahi, a company driver. 

Saud al Samahi, a retired employee, said people should use morning hours to do their shopping and other work. 

“The Supreme Committee has taken the decision for night lockdown to limit gatherings and the spread of the pandemic. So we must take advantage of the morning period to meet our requirements by organising the time properly and return home well before the lockdown. That way, we will not have to rush and cause accidents,” he said.

Marhoon al Saadi, a private sector employee, said, “Unfortunately, people crowd in the markets and on the roads causing traffic jams. There is enough supply of basic food items in malls and other distribution centres. There is no need for worry or rush as measures are in place to tackle any shortage of essential items.”

He added, “Overcrowding will lead to the easy spread of the virus. We have to help the government to stop the spread and the repeated closures.” 

“We urge citizens and residents to continue adhering to the directives and to report violators of the decisions of the Supreme Committee through 1099,” the ROP official said.

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