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Pan Asian delights: Friday Brunch at Turbine & Taps

23 Mar 2021 By HUBERT VAZ

When you descend the flight of stairs that lead you to Turbine & Taps, the exquisite night club at Sheraton Oman, in the afternoon, the fact that the Sun was overhead might make your entry seem quite odd. But as the beckoning ambience within grows on you, you would realise that time stops still here and what lies ahead is a feast for the senses!

Turbine & Taps has recently floated a scrumptious menu of Pan Asian delights for its Friday Brunch which has become extremely popular since its opening three weeks ago. With an exhaustive menu that comprises starters, mains and desserts, served at socially distanced tables to the accompaniment of a live band, the brunch serves as a perfect reason to unwind and enjoy a leisurely weekend afternoon with friends and family.

The atmosphere within the nightclub after noon is cool, yet it brings on waves of warmth as the two-member band takes you on a nostalgic journey of contemporary music, with all-time hits belted out by a versatile crooner. And what’s more, if your vocal chords are well oiled and you have it in you, you can, indeed, join them ‘on stage’ to celebrate the afternoon with your favourite songs.


Mass appeal

“We have designed this brunch to appeal to varied tastes of guests, not only those from Asian countries but also those from other parts of the world who love asian food,” says manager Yassine, adding, “The atmosphere is suitable for all type of diners, including families, and we are taking great care to ensure that all guests have a safe, hygienic and delightful experience.”

He further disclosed that the food served is not in the buffet format to maintain social distancing and hygienic handing of cutlery. Rather, the stewards serve out the courses, from starters to desserts, at the individual tables to suit the convenience of the guests. However, there is an open Sushi bar where guests can help themselves, as needed.

The menu includes Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, an Indian food, besides delicacies from other Asian countries. Also, the menu changes every week so that guests get an opportunity to savour new dishes each time they visit.


Flavour and frills

The emphasis is on flavour as well as presentation. While the Sushi bar hastrays loaded with colourful combinations of a variety of Sushi specials, salads for the day are conjured up at each table by stewards who approach the tables with a wheelbarrow loaded with ingredients ready for tossing and dressing. And, for a special effect at dessert time, you also have an ice-crushing station that comes to each table to prepare icy delights with syrups and toppings.

The menu when we visited included a surprise arrival of Charcoal Chickn Stones, salad cart deliveries of Gado Gado (papaya salad) and Yum Mamuang (mango salad) followed by Smoked Hoisin Duck Lilit and Chicken Yakitori. Starters also included duck, chicken and shrimp dumplings, a variety of spring rolls, and a choice of tempuras, accompanied by an assortment of dips and sauces. Don’t miss the Singaporean Cereal Prawns or the Soft Shell Crab Tempura!

The mains included Singapore Chilli Crab, Udang Balado (spicy Indonesian shrimp curry), Calicut Beef, Thai Chicken Curry, Garlic Rice and Stir Fry Vegetables, all of which seemed to pack in a punch. You need to have a liking for spicy fare to enjoy the mains – but if you’ve walked in for Pan Asian delights, then surely spice ranks high on your culinary preferences.

After a delicious offering of spicy food, it’s time to cool the flames with a unique mix of desserts. We were lucky to have Sticky Rice with Mango, Japanese Mochi, Banana Fritters and Klepon (sweet rice cake balls). The final salvo (a cool one) was the Malaysian Ice Kachang that came from the ice trolley – a much-in-demand vehicle that keeps gliding up and down towards the fag end of the brunch.

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