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Relief and Shelter Sector welcomes volunteers

22 Mar 2021 By MOHAMMED TAHA

In response to a decision taken by the Supreme Committee  tasked with tackling the impact of COVID-19 to allow voluntary work to fight the pandemic, the Ministry of Social Development’s Relief and Shelter Sector has called on citizens and residents to join hands in the efforts to curb the spread of the disease. 

According to Hamoud bin Mohammed al Mundhiri, official spokesman of the Relief and Shelter Sector, the committee has identified areas of work where volunteers can be engaged, including raising awareness and community counselling for campaigns through media involving photography, digital design, etc. 

The committee’s decision permits Omani and resident volunteers aged between 25 and 60 to work in their wilayat of residence. 

“The volunteer must be healthy and ready to work according to the needs of the pandemic. The committee also confirmed that the work will be distributed among volunteers according to a programme prepared by the wali,” Mundhiri said. 

Meanwhile, the Relief and Shelter Sector has registered 21,226 travellers in 493 institutional quarantine centres across the country. 

Mundhiri informed that 11,877 individuals were in institutional quarantine on Sunday. 

“The number will change in the coming days.”

He said the Relief and Shelter Sector continues to monitor hotels and accommodation facilities that have been approved for the purpose. 

These must commit to the health requirements and precautionary measures applicable to institutional isolation.

Mundhiri noted that the Relief and Shelter Sector has detected violations of health and precautionary measures in certain authorised institutions and that it has cancelled the permit of one centre for not meeting required sanitary conditions. 


“We hope that everyone adheres to the decisions of the Supreme Committee to limit the spread of COVID-19,” Mundhiri said. 

Those wishing to volunteer in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic can register through php/ar/2018-02-11-08-46-01 


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