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How to select stockings

22 Mar 2021

For most ladies, tights or stockings comprise an essential part of their wardrobe but for some it can be a casual accessor to be worn on special occasions with special attire. What’s more important is wearing them right, ina way that they fit well as well as suit one’s complexion and style.

Tights need to be of good quality to last long, which means, the fabric as well as the size need to be apt for you and your attire, besides being compatible with the weather. 

The emphasis on size, too cannot be understated as it is that factor which ultimately decides its life. Wearing a pair of tights that are too small is a surefire way to rip them, before you even set out. And your are also likely to feel uncomfortable in them.

Different sizes are meant for differently built ladies, but the size, too, differs from brand to brand. So, don’t be rigid on a size – you need to check out if its fits you well rather than being fixated with a number. Besides, tights made with different knits and different materials can suit different sizes.

It is, therefore, necessary to check out a size chart in the store or on the pack before deciding on what’s best for you. If you find that you fit in between sizes, then it is best to go for the size on the upper end, rather than the smaller one.



Stockings to match your attire


Match with hemline
Always  choose stockings that match the hemline colour of your dress. For example, if you are wearing a dark blue or red coloured dress, choose a dark coloured stocking (indigo, black, maroon) for best results. Some ladies prefer stocking up inexpensive varieties, so that they can try matching different colours with different dresses before buying an expensive one that matches well.

Match with shoes
Another way of choosing the right stocking colour is to match it with your  shoes. If your shoes are dark, then choose a dark coloured stocking. If your shoe color is darker than your hemline or your hemline is darker than your shoe, then go for a nude coloured pair of stockings.

But remember, the colour of your shoes should never be lighter than the colour of your stockings – that is a thumb rule. Also, if you are wearing an open-toed shoe, go for an invisible stocking, not one that appears like socks peeping out of the shoe.


Match with skin tone
If you are simply unable to match your stocking with either the colour of your dress or your shoes, the best option might be to wear a skin coloured one. Also, invisible stockings are better than getting the wrong one that matches your skin tone. Some prefer to use a tan shade, but make sure that your skin is tanned, otherwise it will look odd.

Match with stylish attire

Stylish stockings with embedded designs or patterns may not go well with routine dresses – you need to wear an equally stylish dress to justify the stylish stocking. Woven or fishnet stockings in black or beige need to complement the colour and style of your dress besides showing off your legs in an attractive way.

Making a statement

Some ladies are often in a mood to experiment or to make a bold statement with their attire. In this case, choosing a stocking with a bold pattern or an emphatic sheen, or a bright coloured stocking, works well. In any case, make sure that it goes well with the nature of the occasion – you don’t want to make a sight of yourself by wearing statement stockings for sober outing.

Expert tip
If you want to add life to your stocking, just freeze your new stockings before you use them for the first time. This is a time-tested technique to give them longer life.

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