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Private sector employees can compete for govt jobs

16 Mar 2021

Omani workers in the private sector may compete for government sector jobs that are offered from time to time, the Ministry of Labour (MoL) has said.  

The ministry added that it is mandatory to register work contracts and there is no rule which prohibits them from vying for public sector jobs. 

MoL confirmed that the registration of work contracts in the private sector does not affect a worker’s eligibility to compete for government jobs. 

A statement issued by the ministry said, ‘The ministry has noticed that job applicants in the private sector refrain from registering work contracts due to fear of not being able to compete for public sector jobs. The ministry confirms that public sector jobs are open to all, and workers in the private sector are entitled to compete for them.’ 

The ministry affirmed that it is mandatory to register work contracts to protect the rights of the worker and the employer.  

‘The years of service are recorded in the workforce registry as a practical experience that helps in searching for better opportunities,’ it stated. 


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