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MoSD fetes 14-year-old for charity work selling hand-knitted dolls

16 Mar 2021 By MOHAMMED TAHA

A 14-year-old girl, who makes dolls in her free time to sell to help the needy, has been honoured by H E Laila bint Ahmed al Najjar, Minister of Social Development, for her charity work.  

Speaking to Muscat Daily, an official at the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD), said, “The minister honoured Darine al Hamidi, who donates money to help children with disabilities and people with chronic diseases. Darine makes crocheted dolls and sells these through social media or to her friends.” 

According to the ministry official, the funds Darine raises by selling the dolls are given to charitable organisations and institutions that work with children with disabilities, the chronically ill and insolvent families.  

Darine learnt the art of making dolls by watching DIY videos on YouTube. “The COVID-19 pandemic followed by distance education left her with spare time to practise her art. She knits dolls after she finishes her schoolwork,” the official said.  

He also informed that Darine promotes her hand-knitted products among her relatives and schoolmates through her Instagram account. 

Speaking of her craft, Darine said, “Making dolls takes a long time and requires precision in knitting and shaping. It takes patience.” 

While she’s committed to continue her craft and charity work, she hopes to create a website soon to sell her dolls. “I thank my parents for their support in developing my skills.”   

H E Laila’s gesture to honour Darine evoked a flurry of activity among citizens on social media. Citizen Maryam Mushiqri tweeted, “Honouring the child will encourage other children and motivate them to take up such initiatives to help others, and instill the spirit of volunteerism in them.” 

Omar al Rawas, another twitterati, said, “We thank the minister for her support and appreciation for the efforts of the people of the country. This honour will inspire others to give back to the homeland.” 

“It is wonderful to instill a culture of charity. The honour will prompt others to work for the good of others and support those with disabilities,” said Abdullah bait Majzeh. 

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