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H E Saqri launches Business Research Award

16 Mar 2021

Oman Economic Association has launched the first edition of its Business Research Award which aims to contribute to the enrichment and development of sustainable economy. 

The award encourages research and studies analysing the current economic condition and charting out an economic path that responds to the era of Renewed Renaissance across different sectors.  

The inaugural ceremony was held under the auspices of H E Dr Said Mohammed al Saqri, Minister of Economy, who affirmed that the prize will significantly enhance research quality in economic fields, with emphasis on domestic economic issues, including economic stimulation and the diversification of economic product baseline, among other issues. 

He explained that the research papers will tackle a variety of economic issues and ways of facing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, besides pondering on developments associated with transformation into a knowledge-based economy, among other aspects. 

The award will help decision makers find appropriate solutions to prevailing economic challenges and it will furnish an interactive research platform through which researchers can focus on the pressing concerns of the national economy. 

The award will also encourage researchers to direct their activities towards relevance local and international economic developments, with emphasis on disseminating economic knowledge among segments of society. 

The prize covers a broad range of business domains, including monetary policies, financial policies, business environment, legislation, foreign investment and current local economic challenges in the sultanate and labour market solutions.  

It targets research to be conducted by holders of Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees, as well as university and college students. 

Currently, research proposals are being received. The qualifying proposals will be announced starting early April till the end of May. Research studies will be conducted between June and November. The final drafts of research papers will be received by the end of November. 

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