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RO400,000 Liwa slaughterhouse project completed

15 Mar 2021

A slaughterhouse project in Liwa has been completed at a cost of RO400,000, according to the North Batinah Municipality. 

Eng Sulaiman bin Hamad al Sunaidi, director general of the North Batinah Municipality, said the slaughterhouse is equipped with the latest technology found in the municipal slaughterhouse sector and it will start functioning from the end of this month. 

He added, “The land area of the slaughterhouse is 26,958sqm. The facility includes a slaughter hall with automatic technology and a meat cutting room, a refrigeration room, a skin removal room and a disposal room.” 

It also has a 302.56sqm shed for animals. 

He pointed out that the facility has slaughtering capacity of 50 sheep, 15 cows or camels per hour.  

“This project comes within the sustainable social development initiatives implemented by Jusoor Foundation,” Eng Sunaidi added. 


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