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Voluntary team helps build lives, houses in Suwaiq

14 Mar 2021 By MOHAMMED TAHA

The coronavirus pandemic has not dented the spirit of giving and sharing among the people of Suwaiq. A charitable organisation working in the area has collected over RO460,000 to help the needy and orphans.  

As part of its ongoing commitment to achieve social solidarity and spread love among members of society, Suwaiq Charitable Team collected RO463,029 last year to help needy families and those who lost their jobs. 

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Saeed al Badai, head of Suwaiq Charitable Team, said, “We operate under the umbrella of the  Committee for Social Development in the Ministry of Social Development in Suwaiq. We distributed RO463,029 in 2020. With the fund, the charity was able to help many families and orphaned children.” 

As per Badai, the team, which was started in 2018, continues to run many charitable initiatives. The team consists of 200 volunteers.  

“We will start distributing food supplies and vouchers at the end of this week to help more families. The team has also launched and completed several initiatives since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Such initiatives have reduced Omani families’ sufferings due to the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

Badai added that the charity’s aim is to improve the standard of living of families under social security.  

“In 2020, we helped some families become productive. We supported 49 orphans, with a total financial aid of RO10,050 and also maintained and restored ten houses of families with a total financial aid of RO10,535.” 

Talking about the team’s work, he said, “Our team distributed about RO57,308 in financial aid to 412 low-income families and 549 orphaned children. The team aims to meet the urgent and permanent needs of these families.” 

The team also distributed about RO252,601 worth of food to 6,706 low-income families. It distributed a number of electrical and electronic devices worth RO31,656 to 114 families and  made donations of RO19,950 to 1,225 families to buy animals for sacrifice during Eid al Adha. In addition, it started a subsidy project to the tune of RO1,790 for people with disabilities. The team paid electricity and water bills for 83 families amounting to RO12,931.  

The team arranged funds of RO25,586 to get 16 prisoners released as part of the Fak Kurbah initiative. The team will distribute laptops to a number of needy families at a cost of RO35,000. 

“We have received financial support from many people. We seek to cooperate with other volunteers and communities in Suwaiq to help needy families. The team is now planning to help families sell their products,” Badai added. 

The team can be reached on Instagram and Twitter at @Suwaiq_team 

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