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Love for Oman

13 Mar 2021 By HUBERT VAZ

Magic – joint exhibition

Art & Soul gallery, in Water Front Mall, Shatti al Qurm, has hosted another exhibition titled ‘Magic’ on the occasion of International Women’s Day (March 8). This duo exhibition, which includes the artworks of two women artists – Tarini Agarwal and Sarah Thompson – concludes on March 19.

Tarini, a senior Indian artist who finds the natural beauty of Oman an easy inspiration, disclosed, “The works that I have created for this exhibition are inspired by the Omani women, their presence and participation in the country’s economic and social development. They are modern yet very rooted in their country’s culture and the family. The artworks are inspired by the colours of the dresses Omani women wear, the effort has to bring out the aspects of their personality.”

Explaining the theme of the joint exhibition – Magic – Tarini further said, “I have had the good fortune to interact with Omani women from different walks of life and I’m always amazed at how they hold their own. For me, it is magical that they can be modern, traditional, all at the same time. The natural setting of this beautiful country is magical, so the magic comes alive. So the theme of this presentation of works is very fitting.”

About how well her exhibits complement those of Sarah, Tarini who believes that Oman is an ideal place for artists, asserted, “A chanced meeting resulted in this presentation of artworks for International Women’s Day. Yet another reason to call this show ‘Magic’. Our works are different but sit well together, there is variety for the viewer. Sarah’s art is expressive of her love for the architecture of this beautiful country. Her love for colour matches mine. We show different aspects of the same subject – Love for Oman.”

Having explored her talent widely in Oman, Tarini also notes that Omani artists are very willing to share their knowledge and expertise with resident artists. 

Sarah, a Scottish artist, on the other hand, believes there are so many magical elements in the simplest of things. “My work relates to the theme or title of ‘magic’. As it highlights magical details within this beautiful environment and country. This country to me has been ‘magical’, especially during this tough year as we have still been fortunate to have simple pleasures and freedom. It’s continuation of historic traditions is ‘magic’ to me. The fact they are still practised today, the architecture and beauty in the older villages are magical. Bold expressions of colour and the meeting of us two artists, who inspire one another, is magical,” she says.

About her exhibits juxtaposed with those of Tarini’s in this exhibition, Sarah says, “Our work compliments one another’s in local theme and colour palette. Two women of different ages, coming together from different countries and cultures to inspire others and allow viewers to see how we want to interpret Oman. Tarini’s work is more traditional while mine is slightly contemporary and illustrative in style, allowing the gallery visitors to be exposed to many different styles.”

About Oman as a perfect country for artists, Sarah asserted, “Oman has provided me with a slower pace of life, time to breathe, time to think, time to reflect. Allowing me as an artist to create art at a pace that works for me. It has also allowed me to introduce my own style to a country that isn’t exposed to a lot of contemporary artworks. I hope to inspire the younger generation of artists here. I’m bringing the magic into simplicity and raw traditions. I’m taking classic scenes and my art introduces a magical element with colours and textiles.”

Along with teaching and tutoring, Sarah works closely with her students and holds regular workshops on her techniques and styles. She hopes to create a little more freedom in artistic expression and disciplines, and make it safe to produce brand new works that are very different from the norm, she disclosed.

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