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13 Mar 2021 By HUBERT VAZ

Kanak Mitra, an art teacher who has been working with Indian School Wadi Kabir since october 1999, is a man of many parts. He is not just an artist but also a musician and former classical dancer, and has participated in numerous solo and joint exhibitions in India and Oman over the past three decades,

A Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) from Visva Bharati. Santiniketan West Bengal (India), World University, Founded by the legendary Indian artist and poet Rabindranath Tagore, Mitra had been invited by the Sultan Qaboos University Art Education Department to participate in an on campus ‘Artist- in- residence’ teaching programme for SQU students in 2018. Earlier, he had been awarded an honorary prize in the 25th Annual Exhibition of Fine Arts organised by Omani Society for Fine Arts, held in the National Museum to coincide with the 47th National Day celebrations of Oman. He was also recipient of an honorary prize in the 24th Annual Fine Art Exhibition by the Diwan of Royal Court.

Art is my eternal and endless love. I love to make paintings with my heart and soul. My soul is infinitely happy and peaceful when I am in the process of painting or when I get inspired for a new creation,” says Mitra adding that at the beginning, his paintings were very much influenced by the Bengal School of Art as well as contemporary Indian artists’ work. Later, he felt the urge to express himself differently, in a more free way. So, he switched from oil to acrylics and mixed media techniques.

Over the years, his paintings have become more and more abstract and colourful. “It is no more the exact representation of an image, but the emotions and the feelings to which my paintings can lead the viewer.
My artistic expression is spontaneous and creative, releasing my memories and personal feelings.I now express myself in semi abstract or fully abstract compositions,” he asserts. 

Mitra is aware that artists currently work in a globally-influenced, culturally-diverse and technologically-advancing world. Therefore, he feels that his art should go out to everyone. “It is wonderful to connect with people through my art. When people respond to a painting, I really feel good about it. For me, the task of making a painting is a process of self-discovery. Rhythm and harmony of colours is the main characteristic of my paintings,” he says.

Mitra, who is a bachelor, admits that his life revolves around art and brings him fulfillment every single day. It enables him to savour and celebrate nature’s glory all around him and express it in a riot of colours and patterns with intricate details in his own typical style.

Mitra believes that words cannot express or explore the depiction of any artist’s work as it has varied interpretations for every one. Also nature is so vibrant in its diverse forms that mere shapes and shades cannot really convey the depth ad diversity of all creation which is still a mystery for man.

“When I paint, it brings me peace, it brings me joy, it brings me contentment. I do not crave for anything more, nor do I believe in selling my art in different galleries. I am satisfied with the process of expressing myself through art, as that, I believe, is a journey with no end,” Mitra asserts.

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