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In step with men in nation-building

7 Mar 2021

                                                                                     International Women’s Day 


The sultanate will join the rest of the world in observing International Women’s Day today. The event celebrates the prominent status accorded to women internationally and also showcases the welfare programmes for women which ensure their enhanced status in society and participation alongside men in every aspect of life. Muscat Daily spoke with a few prominent women on the occasion of International Women’s Day  

Dr Kaneez Fatima Sadriwala 
Associate professor, Department of Accounting, University of Nizwa; researcher and speaker at world forums 

Gender inequality towards women cannot be denied. COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the existing gap. The data worldwide shows that roughly 80 per cent of healthcare and social-care workers are women, yet the pandemic hit the jobs of women hard. The disappointing fact is that poor women representation was found in pandemic solution strategy committees. What message are we giving to the world? 

On this 2021 International Women’s Day, I appeal to society to reduce the anxiety and the stress women face due to work-life balance, financial distress and above all lack of respect and value. Women are better bosses and better leaders; they are gentle, kind and more approachable. Do not sexually harass and assault them; treat them with respect, love and courteousness which they have been deprived for ages. Gender equality should be the major focus of all policies. It is a necessity for a happy and prosperous world. 

Dr Samah Mahmoud al Sharif 
Head of Veterinary Quarantine Department at Muscat International Airport under the Ministry of Agricultural, Fisheries and Water Resources 

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we thank women for their active presence in various cultural, social, political and humanitarian fields. Oman has paid full attention to the participation of Omani women in the march of the Blessed Renaissance, providing them with opportunities for education, training and employment, and supporting their role and position in society. The Omani woman has achieved a lot regionally and internationally, especially in the veterinary field. Omani women still have ambitions and hopes to achieve on the global level. 

Piya Pawani 
Model, actor, pageant winner 

All of us are beautiful and strong in our own ways. It’s our struggle, experience and exposure to situations and people that make us who we are. Let’s hope we learn that every individual is unique and different and one must accept, love and respect all. Let go of judgements, and society-set standards and restrictions. Encourage one another to dream big, spread your wings and pursue your passion. Here’s to all the strong women and men who love, support and motivate them to thrive and move ahead in life. Happy International Women’s Day to all. 

Fawzia Abdulhadi Abdul Aziz 
Executive, oil and gas sector 

A woman is sophisticated, stunning and skilful. There is no woman like another; each and every one is a unique combination of strength, intelligence and beauty. A woman is a bunch of characteristics and experiences that have the power to change lives. International Women’s Day is a day to take note of the wonderful contributions women make to society and life as a whole, and those we know who have shaped and raised us to be where we are. Wishing every woman a very Happy Women’s Day. 

Saada al Ismaili 
Head of Women’s Department at Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, and board member of Oman Olympic Committee 

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we thank women for their active presence in various sports, cultural, social, political and humanitarian fields. 

International Women’s Day is a special day for every mother, sister, wife and worker in any field. We offer all the love and appreciation to women who are essential partners in building any society. The woman has proven her ability and success in every field. I also congratulate the Omani sportswomen who have succeeded and proved their ability in various local and international sports competitions. I thank everyone who celebrates this day for their support to women. 

Suhaila Nasser al Kindi 
Head of Tender, Contracts and Procurement Department at be’ah 

I’d like to congratulate the women of the world on the International Women’s Day. The world is celebrating this day for the effective and influential role of women in society and its development. Women represent half of society. I also congratulate the Omani woman who has proved her ability in varied fields with the support of His Majesty the Sultan. Omani women have had a great role in spreading environmental culture among members of society. 

Rumaitha al Busaidi 
Director of Board, Environment Society of Oman 

International Women’s Day is one of my favourite days. It is a time to celebrate the impressive progress women at all levels of the career ladder have made in recent decades. This year’s theme proclaims ‘From challenge comes change, so let’s all choose to challenge’. And climate change represents the most complex challenge of our time – it requires a concerted, proactive and holistic response.  

However, gender inequality dramatically limits the resilience and adaptive capacity of us all to realise our climate ambitions. As a young Omani woman, the identities I carry have impacted the work that I do in ways that would surely be different if I weren’t carrying them, and for that I am grateful. Despite the challenges we women face, I am confident that with more of us coming together, championing one another and seeking male allies, we can all work together to promote gender-responsive climate policies, and find ways to connect our work using the gender lens. 

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