Monday, September 27
11:56 PM

Omani sculptor wins global recognition


Following certification from International Sculpture Symposium Alliance (ISSA), sculptor Ali al Jabri is now counted among a stellar group of artists. Jabri is the first Omani sculptor to receive the recognition – one in a hundred certified sculptors from around the world.  

Currently comprising 104 members from 49 countries and five continents, ISSA’s symposium membership across the world is ever-growing. Each year, ISSA holds almost 30 symposiums.  

In recognition of Jabri, Liu Yang, secretary general of ISSA, said, “He is the only certified sculptor from Oman. He has built monuments in more than five countries, which is a great achievement, and let the world know more about Oman.” 

The secretary general described the artists with the certification as international influencers. “Only when there are monumental sculptures in at least five countries are they certified. Currently, a little over 100 sculptors from all over the world have been certified.” 

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Jabri, founder of Sohart House, said, “I am proud to have obtained the international certificate from ISSA. We have organised seven international sculptors’ camps in Oman. This certificate helps us participate in international exhibitions and gain experience.” 

Additionally, Jabri recently participated in an initiative of ISSA where artists from 100 countries showed their solidarity to the fight against the pandemic by displaying their personal protection equipment. “They stood united to show their support to the fight against the virus. These professional sculptors usually wear their masks to protect themselves from the dust generated by their work. During the ongoing pandemic, their mask symbolise their support and determination to fight COVID-19.” 

The 18th International Sculptors Camp, a weeklong event held in Wadi al Jizzi, Sohar, was scheduled to end on Friday.  

“This time around, only residents and local Omani sculptors are attending due to the pandemic. This year, the camp will focus on wall sculpture and relief sculpture,” Jabri said prior to the camp. 

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