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Municipality updates rules for beauty parlours

24 Feb 2021

Muscat Municipality has stipulated certain requirements for businesses involved in hairdressing and beauty salons for women. The new list of requirements is intended to maintain the public health. 


Requirements for women hairdressing and beauty salons:


          Place a ladies-only sign at the entrance of the facility in Arabic and English

          Make sure there is a reception and waiting area for customers, a place to carry out the hairdressing and beauty sessions, a makeup room, a toilet

          The front of the shop must be made of materials that block vision

          Provide a sufficient number of towels and a basket to collect the used towels. Towels should not be used more than once without washing


Waiting area specifications:


          The area should not be less than 9sqm. The waiting area should be at the entry of the shop

          In the waiting area, there should be at least three seats for every customer (one seat for every customer being served)

          Hairdressing shops in four- and five-star hotels may be excluded from providing a customer lounge if the service is limited to hotel visitors only and with a pre-booking system


Hairdressing area structural requirements: 


          The hairdressing area should commensurate with the volume of work, not less than 16sqm, and that the place should be equipped with tables and mirrors while leaving a 1.5m distance between the seats

          The site should be equipped with a hand washbasin with hot water supply. Hairdressing shops located in tourist complexes and hotels of four to five stars may be excluded from providing toilets provided that women’s toilets are not more than 20m away from the shop

          Make-up rooms must be fitted with comfortable seating or beds, with at least 1.5m distance between each chair, in an area 

of not less than 6sqm around each chair


Hairdresser responsibilities:


          Only women should be employed, while salons located in four-star hotels or higher, or in areas of tourist use (tourist complexes) can employ men, provided they do the medical examinations on an annual 

basis, proving their medical fitness, and be free from infectious diseases

          In addition, allocation of at least two special uniforms for workers in the shop which should be cleaned constantly. Workers must be qualified (with a proof) to carry out the work, especially in activities that require knowledge and know-how of the profession specified by Muscat Municipality




          Workers’ housing attached to the facility

          Use of laser devices, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) or other similar devices in the facility unless authorised by the competent authority

          Offering, selling or using chemicals unless authorised by competent authorities

          Injecting Botox or dermal fillers, such as Restylane, Perlane or others

          Perform medium or strong depth skin peeling operations

          Sale and use of recipes for therapeutic purposes

          Perform liposuction or fat-removal procedures

          Offering tattooing or body-piercing services

          Perform any operations which require medical intervention or supervision

          Perform any skin penetrating procedures

          Taking pets

          Installing cameras in all facilities

          Admission of men during work hours


Muscat Municipality has urged owners and workers of these businesses to comply with the health requirements before establishing the business and while providing the services, stressing at the same time to adhere to the controls taken to prevent further spreading of COVID-19 pandemic.

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