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Thawani Technologies launches new electronic payment gateway

20 Feb 2021

Continuing to provide innovative payment solutions for all sectors, while meeting the growing local demand on e-commerce, Thawani Technologies recently launched its latest electronic payment gateway, ‘Thawani Checkout’. 

Enjoying competitive prices, online retailers can connect their systems to the new service, which is compatible with any coding language within hours, in order to swiftly process their customers’ payments, according to a press release.

Ensuring a fast and convent registration process, the new service offers users a host of other features including recurring billing, saving customers’ billing information on some platforms, as well as data encryption. It also provides tailored software adjustments for popular platforms like WooCommerce, OpenCart, and others in the near future. 

Hamed al Kalbani, products manager at Thawani Technologies said, “Launching ‘Thawani Checkout’ will disrupt the e-commerce sector in the sultanate as it offers unique service propositions including safety, efficiency, and convenience. Above all, it meets the evolving requirements of both online retailers and end-users providing an all-encompassing exceptional customer experience.” 

Thawani Checkout users can contact [email protected] for more information about the new service. 

Founded in 2016, Thawani Technologies is an Omani company that specialises in providing smart payment solutions, while holding a global certificate in card security. Licensed by the Central Bank of Oman in 2020, the company has been providing innovative payment solutions in financial technology, in order to expediate payments’ processes, improve user experiences, and make payments safer, faster, and easier. 

In addition to the basic payments’ system, Thawani Technologies provides smart payment solutions through payment solutions that are built to meet the needs and challenges faced by institutions. The company also provides services through its platform to pay bills, top up credit, pay tuition fees, and social insurance. 

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