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Ministries discuss accelerating Omanisation in ICT sector

20 Feb 2021

The undersecretaries of the Ministry of Labour (MoL) and the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology (MTCIT) met with representatives of the information and communications technology (ICT) sector on Saturday to discuss Omanisation and the challenges the sector faces in employing Omanis and training jobseekers.

The meeting was held with human resources managers in IT companies of the private sector with H E Sheikh Nasr bin Amer bin Shuwain al Hosni, Undersecretary of MoL, and H E Dr Ali bin Amer al Shidhani, Undersecretary for Communications and Information Technology in MTCIT. 

H E Hosni said that the MoL seeks cooperation with various sectors to identify the challenges they face and find solutions that will contribute to Omanisation and creation of jobs.

H E Shidhani pointed out that ICT is a vital sector aiding the rest of the sectors in the country. “The ministry (MTCIT) seeks to strengthen the sector further and help it contribute majorly to the economy. To achieve this, there is need to develop and empower its workers and adopt an Omanisation plan,” he said. 

“This will help support the national economy. But this cannot be achieved unless there is continuous cooperation between government and private institutions.” 

H E Hosni said the pandemic contributed to the growth of the transport, communications and information technology sector. “The ministry (MoL) faces challenges in replacing expats with Omanis in some private sector establishments which calls for effective dialogue,” he said.

He added that the national workforce is capable and able to compete whenever opportunity arises. H E Shidhani praised the role of the MoL in regulating the labour market. 

The attendees shared ideas and proposals to accelerate the process of Omanisation and the importance of finding a mechanism that enables ICT workforce to develop their technical skills to keep pace with the requirements of the current labour market. 

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