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‘It is well with my soul’

20 Feb 2021 By HUBERT VAZ

Marcia Mallick, an emerging abstract artist in Oman, will be showcasing her first solo exhibition at Matti Sirvio’s Art Gallery at Jawaharat al Shatti, in Shatti Qurm, from tomorrow.

The exhibition which will be on for a month from February 22 till March 20, is a celebration of Maria’s experiments with the paintbrush rather late in life, after coming to Oman. Hailing from the US, Marcia has been frequently visiting Oman over the past few years and this exhibition indicates the many upbeat moments of her life which led her to express herself creatively.

Titled ‘It is well with my soul’, the exhibition includes around 35-odd works in different sizes and varied palettes, from vibrant hues to black and white canvasses all of which showcase the artist’s new found love.

“It is my faith in God that has kept me calm and secure during these troubled times due to the pandemic. He has given me the ability to use painting as a very calming influence,” says Marcia, disclosing that all the works on display have been created during the past one year.

“I am having so much fun painting. It took retirement and coming to Oman to release my creativity. This time, in my life is so exciting,” Marcia said, adding, “I would really like to try painting on a very large canvas some day.”

Having found new meaning to life through art now, Marcia believes that art is  enough to keep her going with a happy disposition and hopes to further explore her creativity with varied canvasses in the years ahead.



Emerging artist

Proprietor of the gallery, Matti Sirvio, said, “I think, freedom is a very important element in artistic expression and that is evident it the works of famous American abstract expressionists. Marcia’s work are a very good example of that type of painting which is a kind of international but also very difficult to do – you have to have the talent to do it. Most of her works are a very strong expression of artistic talent and emotion – a play of colour and composition. So, the handling is very important, so that the works do not compete with each other. Though they are so much full of colour, they are all at peace with one another. They are an expression of her soul.”

He further said, “Marcia is an emerging artist who started out quite late, after coming to Oman. Art has been potentially within her for long but it started flourishing only after coming to Oman. I wish her all the best.

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