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Al Hinn sulphur pools near Bidbid

17 Feb 2021 By RACHEL CHEW

With parks and beaches closed, we thought we would get in the car and do some sight-seeing. For ages I have been begging my friends to come with me to the sulphur springs. Everyone had told me the drive to Sohar and back was very long and that the pools weren’t worth the journey, however, there is another pool, the Al Hinn sulphur pool near Bidbid! 

The spring itself was more of a crack in the rocky terrain, with a little pool at the end. The water was baby blue, which was glowing off the white rocks. 

We arrived pretty early so it was nice and quiet with just two families taking photos at the spot. 

The amount of photos my friend and I took is actually embarrassing… forty-eight!!! Forty-eight photos – we really need to get a grip and stop trying to pretend to be famous influencers. Mostly because my lazy eye and double chin don’t need multiple people commenting on them. While most people there took a photo and jumped back in their car, my friend and I popped in for a dip and I was surprisingly pleased to find the water wasn’t too cold and actually nice and cool. 

Now I know what you’re thinking – it’s a sulphur spring. Surely it smelt? You’d be correct it did smell a little bit eggy, but who cares when you’re surrounded by mountains in the glowing blue water. I highly recommend you visit this ‘eggcellent’ spot. 

If you do plan on visiting and maybe fancy a picnic by the water, I urge you to take your rubbish with you please. I found it truly upsetting how much litter I came across and despite COVID-19 fears I did fill a whole bag full of rubbish before spraying my hands with disinfectant gel and heading back to Muscat. 

The drive back to Muscat was lovely; we even spotted four camels on the side of the road, one of which was a baby camel that was adorable. Did I get out of the car to take photos of it? Yes. Did I scare the camel away? Sadly, yes. Classic response to my presence – I turn up and people run away to be fair! 

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