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Artists create portraits of themselves in the ‘month of love’

13 Feb 2021 By HUBERT VAZ

Rangrez, the Indian artists group guided by the Indian Social Club, have began 2021 with quite a bang. After spending the year 2020 in isolation and cut away from all artistic ventures, the artists are now having quite a field day every month with virtual exhibitions that bring out new sides of their talents.

Opening during the ‘month of love’ (in view of Valentine’s Day – February 14), Rangrez presents a unique celebration of love wherein the artists showcase themselves in varied interesting strokes on canvas. 

While January saw the group present ‘All Creatures Great and Small’, dedicated to the animal world, for February, Rangrez presents ‘Mirror, Mirror on the Wall’, a collection of self portraits to celebrate ‘self love’ which, according to self help gurus, is said to be the ‘greatest love of all’. This second virtual exhibition of the the group opens on February 27.

Founder and key organiser, Sushmita Gupta who has been entrusting the task of curating different group exhibitions to different artists from the group every month, says, “I invited Shalini Verma to curate this event. She is a terrific portrait artist, a very senior and well known artist amongst the Indian community. She went ahead and called it ‘Mirror, Mirror on the Wall’, which I think is the perfect name for this collection.”

All the art work for the presentation of this virtual exhibition is done by  Soubam Priyananda, one of the core members of the group, while the behind the scenes coordination  was carried out by Uma Gopinath – all under the supervision of Sushmita.

In the various artworks on display, the participating artists have chosen one style or the other to bring out what lies beneath. It is a display of how each of the artists views themselves, and a short note from them helps the viewer to understand their choice.

The self portraits collectively seek to convey that we live in an age of social media which makes it easy to lose sight of who we are and, more importantly, appreciate the fact that we are all unique and special.

The artists assert that through art  they have tried to dig deeper, come face to face with themselves, and express themselves on canvas. “It has been an exciting journey of self development, creation, and falling in love with ourselves, shadows, and all. With every brushstroke, we have infused ourselve with more love, grace and self-acceptance,” they chorus.


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