Sunday, September 24
04:42 AM

Adventurer releases book on seven mountain hikes


Having visited 71 countries and authored seven books on his travels, Omani adventurer Khalid Said al Anqudi has published yet another literary work detailing seven mountain hikes in seven different countries he did from 2008 to 2016.

Titled Jebel al Muqadas, the book captures the splendour of the mountains and nature in Bosnia, Bulgaria, India, Indonesia, Kosovo, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland. 

Illustrated with photographs, the book covers the countries’ majestic mountains, customs, traditions and the adventures of the author that make these interesting read. 

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Anqudi said, “I started writing this book during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, from March to July 2020. The book was launched in January this year. In each chapter, I give readers a peek into the seven countries’ natural treasures.”

The 152-page book has seven chapters and delves into why the mountains he scaled are considered sacred by the native people. “While one chapter describes trekking and camping in the mountains, another describes the donkey trails to transport supplies on the mountains, and yet another dwells on passing through small towns and crowded cities to reach base camp.”

Still fresh in his mind, Anqudi recalls some hair-raising situations he encountered like they happened yesterday. “Bears entered our campsite in Kashmir in India. We were lucky to be saved by forest guards in the nick of time. The guards drove them away.”

Anqudi hopes to inspire young minds to take up mountaineering and engage in the various adventure sports possible in Oman. He believes when Omani youth venture outdoors to explore the sultanate, it will promote the country as a tourist destination.

“To popularise travel and tourism, books published in Oman need to reach different countries of the world. Some of my books have been translated into German. I am now trying to have these translated into English and French.”

Urging young people to read, and parents to encourage their children to discovery the joy of reading, he said, “Our youngsters need to widen their knowledge about the world.” 


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