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Mix and match: How to repeat attire yet look different

8 Feb 2021

How often does one wake up and want to wear the same attire to work as the previous day? While lucky outfits have their own say and corporate attire dictate styles and colours, given a chance, one would want to wear something new everyday. This might not be possible always and the trick lies in mixing and matching whatever you have to the best of your abilities.

The truth is, while most women would never wear the same outfit on two consecutive days – considering it an unpardonable fashion faux pas – many manage to do without anyone realising it. If you think everyone out there is making a note of your attire every day, you might be sadly mistaken. But, if want to thrown the invisible fashion police around you offguard, here are a few tips on how to repeat your attire, yet make it look different everyday:

  1. Neutral base

A successful outfit repeat depends upon a neutral base. So, if you are wearing a bright yellow top or a red skirt three days in a row, people will surely notice it. However, discreet pieces such as black pants and white tops will go unnoticed and look good. These provide the perfect backdrop for using different accessories to pep up your look.

  1. Multiple wearing styles

One must choose base items that can be worn a few different ways. For example, a button-up can be worn with sleeves rolled to above the elbows, buttoned at the wrists, tucked in at the waist, untucked, or even tied. You can also pop the collar or leave it flat. Similarly, a pair of simple jeans can be cuffed or uncuffed. They can also be tucked into boots or worn with flats. 

  1. Statement accessories 

When you want to divert attention from your repeated base, statement accessories help by drawing attention to them. Like a large colourful bead necklace worn over a white top – though the same white top was previously worn with a yellow stol or a spray of blue flowers pinned on the collar. Statement accessories, therefore, become the focus of your outfit and influence the overall look. 

A simple dress can be worn to a less formal occasion with a completely different look by adding a contrasting or patterned short jacket, wrap or cardigan with a bold statement necklace instead of the scarf. Adding accessories or a shirt can completely change the look of your dress. 

  1. Change your shoes

Shoes make a statement all on their own and really set the tone for your outfit. If you’re wearing black booties, your outfit will come across a little more relaxed and will have a chic street style appeal. If you’re wearing a pair of pink ballet flats, your overall look will come across as more classic. The shoes communicate the vibe you’re going for and feel like a big enough switch to hide an outfit repeat.

  1. Use many layers

Jackets, coats, blazers, and sweaters do wonders for revamping your look each day. These layering pieces are visually strong, adding another element to your look that makes your outfit so much more interesting (and totally different from the last time you wore it). You’d be surprised at how much a difference a scarf and a blazer can make when worn with different outfits.


Carry maximum style

When on a business trip or going out of town for a short time, and you do not want to carry all your wardrobe with you, then some outstanding fashion ideas can save your life. Keeping the clothes’ burden minimal and carrying maximum style is not difficult at all. You must carry a blazer, cardigan, comfy shoes and sneakers, scarves/stols, clutches and handbags that will make you look different everyday.

Keep experimenting with your outfits. Don’t discard outfits for any single reason, they might serve well in combination with something else, or can be converted into an all new piece. An old jeans can be converted into shorts for the beach or for a trek. A stained sleeve can well be hidden under a brand new blazer. And a loose dress can well be tucked under a skirt to form a new top. If you fail once, do not get discouraged, try it the next time with something new. This way, you can wear one dress in multiple ways.


  1. BOX
  2. How to wear the same blazer everyday

If dress codes are strict where your work and there is no allowance provided for corporate attire, then you must provide for yourself. However, the key question is how many sets of formal attire should one have to wear to work everyday. The answer lies in mixing and matching the same stuff such that it appears different everyday. You can wear the same blazer to work everyday and it still will make your attire look different, with a little tact. Just consider the following tips:

New shirt everyday
Make sure to change your shirt everyday so that the blazer gets a new look everyday. However, remember not to repeat the same shade on consecutive days. So, a white must not be followed by a white, it can be worn on alternate days or twice a week. But, if there is a visible difference in the get up of your white shirt due to change in fabric, then it serves the purpose, too.

Add pocket squares 
Adding a different pocket square with different shirts or even the same shirt, can bring in an element of change to the ensemble, even if the blazer is the same. Go for different styles of pocket squares – choose plain colours or vibrant prints but make sure it stands out such that it takes the gaze of others off the shirt.

Change trousers
Wearing different trousers with the same blazer often helps in making it look different. Go for contrasts – brown goes well with brown, beige, cream, mustard. The style of the trouser also plays a role in making your attire look different. Denim trousers, too, can be worn with navy blue blazers and corduroy pants can be worn to tone down the formal look when worn with any blazer. Chinos too are a god choice for smart casuals.

Add accessories
Your overall look can also be changed by adding varied accessories like shoes, belts, ties, bow-ties, etc. Ties in different colours and prints make shirts and blazers look different everyday. You can also mix your attire with a leather wrist strap or a silver strapped watch or bracelet that makes a statement. Try wearing a navy blue blazer with a pair of brown brogues and off set with a matching belt.

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