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None of my business

7 Feb 2021

Just not superheroes and villains, everyone has – or would like to have – an alter ego to give vent to their wild dreams. If nothing, it helps take the mind off endless deadlines, commitments, cut-throat competition or just everyday banality up close & personal.


Up close & personal


‘NONE OF MY BUSINESS’ unveils people who make news as they’re prodded to reveal little known facets of themselves – everything not related to their work and profession. Here is Dr Priti Swarup, motivational speaker and writer, up close and personal.


Who said hasta la vista?

It was Schwarzenegger from the film Terminator 2.


Which food can instantly tackle an angry spouse?

For my spouse, it will be aloo paratha. 


Sing two lines of a song on love.

Zara Zara Behekta hai (a Bollywood number). 


Does a man with beard look cool?

It depends on the man; for my man he looks cool without a beard. But there are many who look cool with beard, like Shekhar Kapur.


How many chickens will it take to bring down an elephant? 

I never thought about it. I have no idea.


A day without smartphone or a night without air-condition? Why?

Of course, without the smartphone. There are days when my body aches and I don’t feel well. Those are the days when I don’t feel like having any sort of gadgets or screens in front of me. 


Did you ever steal anything in childhood?

I did steal some of the pencils of my classmates in KG. Not that I was fascinated by pencils. But it happened that there were days when I forgot my pencils. Scared of the teacher, I stole them from my friends to be on the safer side. 


In the next 30 years, what will people be nostalgic about?

I think it will be about hugging each other. One year of coronavirus has already given us so much distance. Previously we used to be greeting one another maintaining zero distance, which is not the case now. If this continues then I am sure 30 years down, if someone hugs me I shall be nostalgic indeed. 


Which Disney character suits you?

I am not much into Disney but for cartoons I will opt for Jerry. I am very much like him. 


What has been the most annoying thing that a guest has ever done at your place? 

Not having the food that I made. I cooked and they did not even bother to taste which was sort of bad. It takes so much efforts and a full day to cook and some guests don’t even bother to eat. 


How do you react if I am your annoying honking driver in traffic?

Normally, I am very alert and tensed when I am steering. I will not scream but if it is distracting, will move to the other lane and will ask him, ‘Why are you honking? Do you want to fly over me?’


What’s more important in life? Innocence or experience?

I will definitely say it is experience. Experience adds to your learning. A graduate can be learned but one with experience will be definitely handy. 



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