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Adventure tourism activities planned in Al Hoota Cave

3 Feb 2021

Exciting news awaits adventure enthusiasts as they might finally get the chance to explore and descend into Al Hoota Cave from a hole above it and emerge from the lake within, all managed by a professional team and conducted under strict safety parameters. 

To attract adventure tourists and develop the cave further, Al Hoota Cave Company is calling on companies to run adventure activities inside the cave.

A statement issued by Al Hoota Cave Company said, ‘The company offers an opportunity for companies and specialised establishments and investors wishing to invest and manage the adventure activity in Al Hoota Cave in the wilayat of Al Hamra.’ 

The company confirmed that those wishing to manage and invest must have sufficient experience to supervise the general experiences of adventure tourism and exploration of caves. 

‘Companies must provide an integrated tourism product that includes organising the entry of visitors through the upper cave hole in Al Hoota village, passing through various stages and ending with the cave lake.

‘Companies must also provide safety measures for visitors. Companies should also present a plan for how to invest and manage the adventure activity,’ it said. 

February 18 is the deadline for applications to be deposited at the Al Hoota Cave headquarters in the wilayat of Al Hamra. 

Al Hoota Cave, located in the southern part of the Hajar Mountain range, near Jebel Akdhar, is a fascinating cave, with splendid soil and rock formations. It was discovered hundreds of years ago by local residents. It extends  a length of 5km underground.

However, visitors are allowed to access only a distance of 860m via a guided route which ends in a lake within the cave.

The cave has two openings through which water cascading from the mountain top enters and exits after passing through different sections within. The lake within is said to be around 20m deep and has several species of ‘blind fish’. 

Visitors are not allowed to explore other sections of the cave, except the one marked out, as vast sections of the interior of the cave have been preserved for heritage purposes.


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