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OCCI in South Batinah discusses impact of work permit fee hike

2 Feb 2021

The Board of Directors of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) branch in South Batinah on Tuesday held its first meeting for the year and discussed the new rules announced by the Ministry of Labour regarding expatriate work permits.

The meeting observed that the recent decision to raise fees for work permits of expatriates by the Ministry of Labour came at a time when the private sector is in an economic crisis and this is a burden; it will increase operational costs of small and medium enterprises. 

‘The existing small and medium enterprises are suffering due to the current economic crisis and need support in accordance with long-term plans that achieve more than one goals to raise their level to contribute to the national economy,’ it said.

It was conveyed through the meeting that ‘the current economic situation and its sharp decline require everyone’s cooperation, providing financial facilities, and reviewing legislation and laws that make the Omani economy capable of facing challenges’.

The meeting confirmed that OCCI always strives to develop the private sector and make recommendations that would preserve and elevate it. 

‘The chamber is also seeking more partnerships to develop the role of the private sector in its contribution to the nation’s development,’ it stated.

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