Thursday, January 20
03:00 AM

Nature lover’s beach cleaning effort wins praise


A photograph of an Omani man picking up waste left by others on a beach in Salalah in the early hours of a morning has not only evoked strong reactions among nature lovers on social media platforms but also managed to catch the attention and appreciation of Dhofar Municipality. 

Aqeel ba Omar was photographed by Abdul Rahman al Hinai picking up waste alone at Al Haffa beach in Dhofar governorate, which is one of the best beaches in Salalah. The white sand beach is located in the middle of Salalah city.

Photographer Hinai posted the picture on his Twitter account, stating, “I was waiting for the sunrise at Al Haffa beach. This good man, a nature lover, Aqeel ba Omar, caught my attention, as he was vigorously collecting the waste thrown by others from the beach alone.”

Acknowledging and appreciating his initiative, Dr Ahmed bin Mohsen al Ghassani, head of Dhofar Municipality, received Omar in his office on Monday to honour and thank him for his efforts. 

The municipality urged the community to spread awareness on the importance of hygiene and preserving public sites. 

“We appeal to officials in  Dhofar Municipality to arrest violators who leave their garbage on beaches, hills and other public places until there is a general deterrent to this disgraceful act,” Hinai added.

“We want laws which deter people from throwing waste; an action that affects environment,” another Twitterati said.

“I call upon everyone concerned to keep tourist attraction areas clean. These natural assets have an invaluable economic and historical value that must be protected. It is important to put an end to this absurdity,” said Abu Zakaria, another Twitter user.

“I hope that the Ministry of Education will adopt a scientific course on cleanliness and preservation of the environment for school students. I thank everyone who keeps this country clean,” read yet another tweet.

Twitter user Dr KMZ al Hinai said, “The municipality has placed garbage containers along the beach stressing cleanliness in public places, but the recklessness remains constant. I wish the concerned authorities put surveillance cameras to monitor violators.”

Ahmed al Junaibi tweeted, “This person deserves to be honoured because he maintains the cleanliness of the beaches. We hope to be partners and cooperate to serve the nation and the society and preserve tourist places. We value the efforts of the Dhofar Municipality to honour him.”

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