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Over 99,000 register for electricity subsidy

31 Jan 2021

As many as 99,262 people have registered for electricity subsidy under the National Subsidy System (NSS). 

Under the electricity and water subsidy system, eligible Omanis, who hold a valid electricity account, get subsidy over the use of the services. 

Those eligible for the subsidy include those whose family income is less than RO500 regardless of the number of family members; RO750 or less for a family of five or more members; RO1,000 or less for a family of seven or more members; and less than RO1,250 for a family of nine members or more. 

But if the family income is more than RO1,250, the family is not covered by the support, regardless of the number of family members. 

The NSS provides the eligible people with a protective cover against the increase in related regular expenditure streams such as fuel, electricity and water.


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