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Tips for ordering food delivery

26 Jan 2021

Most people, these days, love to order food from their favourite restaurants. While visiting restaurants is a skeptical proposition for many, in view of the current pandemic and the inherent risks, ordering food is a better option for enjoying meals prepared by expert chefs on your own dining table. However, did you know that there are certain guidelines one needs to follow while ordering online food delivery?

The steady growth in food delivery trends is not due to the pandemic – in fact, it had received a setback during the past year. The growth is mostly driven by millennials and younger generations who are reliant on apps and gig economy services, says Jeremy Kuo, Co-Founder and Director of Marketing of Menufy, an online food ordering platform serving restaurants and millions of their customers across US cities.

According to USA Today, recent research has found that 77 percent of millennials have used a food delivery service in the last 90 days, which is 26 percent more than all diners in the United States.

Today, getting food delivered is easier than ever, thanks to third-party ordering systems and apps which enable customers to order food from a host of restaurants from a single source. But, before you decide and dial, or login and place your order online, consider some tips that can make sure you have the best experience possible when ordering food:

Order early enough

Many people use food delivery as a backup option when they don’t want to cook or are tired after work. However, avoid last minute impulses and plan ahead, so that you and your family won’t be stuck hungry and waiting around for your meal.

Order your food before you leave work for the day or while you’re attending  to another errand. Most food delivery services provide estimated delivery times which give a rough idea of when you can expect your food to arrive.

Order healthy 

Planning food delivery can also benefit your health. If you are trying to eat healthier or lose weight, schedule your delivery in advance by ordering before you are starving. The less hungry you are, the more likely it is that you’ll make a better food choice, like a salad or other lower-calorie option.

If you know of a specific restaurant that has healthy options but usually takes longer than a fast-food business, you can plan accordingly by ordering earlier.

Leave clear instructions

It’s crucial to make delivery as easy as possible for the drivers delivering your food. Leave clear directions during the ordering process in case the driver isn’t familiar with your neighborhood. Include street details or landmarks close to your home.

Delivery preferences are important, too. If you have children sleeping and you don’t want to wake them, leave instructions for the driver to knock instead of ringing the doorbell.

Prep your house

It’s also essential to make things easy for your driver once they get to your house. Make sure there aren’t any obstacles preventing them from coming to the door (like pets, or closed barricades/gates, street diversions) and that the outside of your house is adequately lit and your house number or name plate is visible.

Drivers also want to feel safe when delivering, so proper lighting will ensure they know where to go and can see who is answering the door.

Always tip

Don’t take pride in the thought that you have paid in advance for the food and service  – be kind to the delivery guy, he will always make sure you are well serviced whenever you order food. Most delivery drivers rely on tips to ensure they are making a decent hourly wage.

Tipping 10-15% for large food orders (such as several pizzas or takeaways for multiple people) is standard practice. It’s also polite to tip more if your delivery has been done in bad weather or on a special request for express delivery. For smaller orders (for one or two people), 500baisa – RO1 is considered reasonable.



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