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Esbaar looks to unlock Oman’s mineral potential with AI, drone technologies

24 Jan 2021

Esbaar, an Omani provider of artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous systems, has completed its first magnetic survey of Liwa, Shinas, Mahadah and Samail covering an area of over 1,000km linear distance using drones equipped with magnetometers.

The survey of this very challenging terrain will provide accurate details of possible mineral seams, map geological features and highlight areas of interest for further study in hope of identifying key strategic areas for mineral deposits, according to a press release issued by the company.

Sara al Mazyadi, project manager at Esbaar, said, “This technology is fairly new to the Omani market and by utilisingEsbaar’s resources and experienced team of licensed drone pilots, we hope to demonstrate to mining companies how we can boost their exploration activities by adopting this new technology. Using AI and drone technologies is not only safer and more cost-effective in hard-to-reach areas but also faster compared to traditional methods.”

She added, “We have been assisting clients to accelerate their business innovation, driving efficiency to solve challenges and work smarter for the benefit of the entire country and its people.”

A home-grown company established in 2017 by Omani entrepreneurs, Esbaar has been supporting government and private entities in the oil and gas, mining, logistics, utilities, construction and security industries. Today, Esbaar has garnered international recognition and is one of the leading companies in the GCC in its field. At the forefront of Oman’s tech-driven digital society, it offers end to end solutions powered by revolutionary commercial and industrial drones.


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