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Youth turns hobby into successful enterprise

23 Jan 2021 By MOHAMMED TAHA

Abdullah Fareed al Lawati – a young entrepreneur of Oman – has scripted a beautiful success story in business recently when his unique hobby of watch collection guided him to launch a series of designer items for the safekeep of his valued jewels.

This energetic man started production of designer watch cases and holders combining marble and leather that can give many international brands a run for their money. 

Speaking to Muscat Daily, the founder of Marble and Leather company said he has recently graduated from the Coventry University in Business Management. “So for me entering into a business was but a natural choice. What exactly would be my area of operations, was the main question.

“I’m passionate about watches, therefore the first idea that came to my mind was how to keep watches properly and prevent them from any scratches.”

“In 2020, I was looking for a product in the market to keep my watches. Unfortunately my search was unsuccessful as I couldn’t find anything in which I can keep my watches safely in an easy and suitable way,” Lawati added. “My idea was to create a luxurious place to keep watches instead of keeping them on dressing tables or on regular desks,” he said, while smilingly adding, “Innovation comes when a need arises, and my story started with a need.”

“I thought of different materials that can be used to keep watches properly and in the process found leather to be the most suitable,” he said, while elaborating on how this business started from the scratch.

“After a few sketches, I found a perfect combination in having a leather cushion attached to a stainless steel rod with a marble base for hanging a watch. That was when ‘Marble and Leather’ – the company was born,” he said.

At first he has started with watch stands, then added leather trays, next came the watch rolls and finally the watch winder.

Even though instant success and a huge popularity of his products got him accolades, Lawati doesn’t believe his project and items, like any other, are ‘final’ or ‘finished’.

“There is always room for improvement and we can advance further by incorporating new and modern ideas to our products.”

Lawati found a bigger challenge in making people know about the presence of those items in the market. 

“At first I was hesitant about advertising my products. I didn’t know how to advertise for my new business. That is when I used my personal Instagram account to reach my family and friends letting them know about my first business.

“Thankfully everyone showed their interest and orders started coming right away,” he added.

“I didn’t know how much Oman needed this until I started and saw the acceptance through amount of orders that were being placed!” Not only in Oman, orders have started coming from around the Middle East due to the high quality products that Marble and Leather offers in reasonable prices, Lawati said.

“We are an environmental friendly brand that are against animal cruelty, therefore we do not use real animal leather. All our products are hand made. We have gained an impeccable reputation.”

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