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Suwaiq-Al Hoqain dual carriageway now open

20 Jan 2021

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology has completed and opened the 20km Suwaiq-Al Hoqain dual carriageway for traffic.

The road links the Batinah Expressway with the Batinah dual carriageway and is therefore vital in serving the fast-paced development in both North and South Batinah governorates.

The ministry said in a statement, ‘This project will fully utilise the strategic Batinah Expressway by establishing upgraded road links between it and the Batinah dual carriageway. New interchanges will be constructed to keep up with the growing traffic between North and South Batinah governorates.’

The project features a dual carriageway with two 3.75m-wide lanes on each side, 2.5m-wide external asphalt road shoulders and 1.5m-wide internal asphalt road shoulders.

Additionally, it has 10.5km of service roads stretching along the main road. 

It comes with traffic safety facilities, including concrete protective barriers, iron fences, iron wire barriers, pavement floor painting, road reflectors and informative signboards.


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