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Year-long national blood donation campaign launched

17 Jan 2021 By MOHAMMED TAHA

As part of its efforts to provide blood units to all blood banks in the sultanate, the Ministry of Health (MoH) on Sunday launched a national blood donation campaign under the patronage of H H Sayyid Kamil bin Fahd al Said, Assistant Secretary General of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for the Council of Ministers, at the Blood Banks Services Department.

The campaign, under the theme ‘Be the One’, will continue all year round in 2021. It is being organised by the Directorate General of Specialised Medical Care, represented by the Blood Banks Services Department.

H H Sayyid Kamil said, “The ‘Be the One’ blood donation campaign aims to create the culture of voluntary blood donation in the younger generation, as well as to disseminate the message of blood donation among all members of society, encouraging them to continue the act of donating thereby sustaining safe blood supply for health institutions. Blood banks in Oman need about 5,000 units of blood per month. The campaign will help provide this.”

Dr Zainab al Araimi, director of Blood Banks Services at MoH, stated that the Central Blood Bank in Bausher needs 100-120 donors per day to meet the requirements of health institutions.

In addition, Dr Zainab pointed out that the Blood Banks Services Department calls upon all, individuals and institutions, to continue donating blood as the need for blood is constant for a number of medical conditions. 

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Ahmed bin Hamad al Kharusi, who has donated blood 164 times, said the campaign came at the appropriate time, as blood banks need large quantities. 

“People are afraid to donate because of COVID-19. They need a great deal of convincing. We need to spread awareness on the importance of blood donations through social media platforms.”

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