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Bank Muscat launches RO11mn Al Mazyona scheme for 2021

17 Jan 2021

Bank Muscat on Sunday launched the 2021 edition of its landmark Al Mazyona savings scheme. With a record 7,470 prizes totalling over RO11mn to be given away during this year, the sultanate’s biggest savings scheme was launched at a special event held at Bank Muscat head-office.

Al Mazyona is the longest-running savings scheme and offers the largest prize money in the sultanate.

This year’s prize draw scheme has reserved prizes worth RO5.6mn for Bank Muscat’s Asalah and Al Jawhar customers. The bank also continued to offer 420 monthly prizes to customers across all the governorates as well as 25 special prizes on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr.

Abdullah Tamman al Mashani, DGM – institutional sales and product development, Bank Muscat, said, “We are happy to celebrate with our colleagues from the media and our customers, the launch of the 2021 Al Mazyona scheme. This is the result of continuous innovation by the bank to meet the aspirations of our customers while also promoting a good savings habit. A number of new prizes have been launched while also continuing exclusive prizes for Asalah and Al Jawhar customers. We give everyone the opportunity to win prizes and achieve their dreams and aspirations with the Al Mazyonaprogramme which is trusted and followed keenly by the bank’s customers and the public.”

He added that Bank Muscat is transparent in conducting prize draws throughout the year and this has resulted in increased popularity for the scheme.

During a press conference on Sunday, Bank Muscat officials said that this year’s scheme would give away a record 7,470 prizes compared to 6,677 last year, an increase of 12 per cent in the number of winners. The 2021 scheme, which will give away prizes worth over RO11mn, will feature several special draws including an Eid Al Fitr draw, a National Day draw, Mid-Year draw and an End of Year draw. Two special draws of RO500,000 each, a special Mid-Year draw and an End of Year draw, will be held for all customers maintaining a minimum balance of RO30,000 in their Al Mazyona accounts. Special prizes have been reserved for Asalah and Al Jawhar customers as well as for regional, women, youth, children and salary transfer categories.

Bank Muscat will hold a special National Day draw and reward 51 lucky winners with RO2,000 each in November. The bank will also hold a special Zeinah draw on the occasion of the Omani Women’s Day in October where 25 women customers maintaining a minimum balance of RO1,000 in their account will win RO1,000 each.

A special draw will also be held on the occasion of the Omani Youth Day where 25 youths maintaining a minimum balance of RO100 will win RO500 each. The bank will continue to give exclusive prizes for its Premier banking customers in addition to giving away 25 prizes of RO2,000 each on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr.

Abdulnasir al Raisi, DGM – Premier Banking at Bank Muscat, said that high savings Asalah Priority Banking customers maintaining a minimum balance of RO30,000 are eligible for 10 monthly prizes of RO25,000 each, 10 Mid-Year and 10 End of Year prizes of RO50,000. 

Al Jawhar customers who maintain a minimum balance of RO10,000 are eligible to win one of the 20 prizes of RO5,000 each in the monthly draws as well as 10 Mid-Year and 10 End of Year prizes of RO20,000 each.

The monthly draws for different governorates in the 2021 scheme will see 420 winners win RO500 each every month while a monthly mega draw will reward one lucky winner with RO50,000 every month. The Zeinah monthly draw will see 10 winners win RO1,000 each every month. Customers need to maintain a minimum balance of RO100 to be automatically entered into these monthly draws.

Also, all customers who transfer their salaries to Al Mazyona accounts are eligible to be entered into the salary transfer draws wherein 10 monthly winners will receive RO500 monthly for a year from amongst all those receiving a salary below RO1,000. Ten Al Jawhar customers with a salary of more than RO1,000 will also be eligible to win the monthly special prizes of RO500 monthly for a year.


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