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Omani citizen, the cornerstone of Baba Qaboos’ vision

9 Jan 2021

In the 50 years of the Blessed Renaissance, the Omani citizen was the cornerstone of the vision of the Late His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. At every stage of the sultanate’s development strategy, top priority was accorded to the Omani citizen, regarded as the nation’s most precious resource in the drive towards achieving sustainable development. 

In his address before the Council of Oman in 2002, he said, “We have always affirmed, on various occasions, that the human being is the ultimate goal of the development process, and its instrument and means at the same time. The more effective this instrument is, the more capable it becomes of achieving targeted development. Thus, we always call for the development of human resources, their scientific capabilities, technical skills and technological expertise in order to meet society’s urgent requirements and needs, and to provide opportunities for those resources to fully contribute to the Blessed Renaissance witnessed by Oman in all walks of life.”

Prior to the opening of the Annual Session of the Council of Oman in 2006, the Late Sultan Qaboos said, “You are aware of the importance we attach to the development of human resources and to creating more and better education, training and employment opportunities for our sons and daughters. This is spoken of in almost every speech I have addressed to you, and through you to all the people of Oman. It is not surprising that this should be so, because human beings are the cornerstone of any civilisation and without them no civilisation can develop or continue to survive. I would, therefore, like to re-emphasise this point, which is such an important factor in the development and modernisation of society.”

Addressing issues of public concern in his speech at the opening of the Council of Oman’s fifth term at Hisn al Shumoukh in the wilayat of Manah, Dakhliyah governorate, on October 31, 2011, the Late Sultan Qaboos expressed his total confidence in his countrymen and women and urged them to work diligently, inspired by responsibility and duty. 

The Late Sultan had pointed out that the next phase in Oman’s development would be a critical one demanding further sacrifices from all citizens. His speech also touched on the consultation (shura) process in Oman. 

In his speech, he had confirmed his intention to continue to give top priority to the development of human resources and reiterated his belief that people are the cornerstone of any development process designed to promote human happiness, decent living standards and security.

“The forthcoming stage will witness, with God’s will, even greater focus on providing more opportunities for the youth to enable them to expand their knowledge,” he said.

“Education is the cornerstone of progress and development, and in order to produce a responsible, aware generation endowed with expertise, skills and aspirations, towards a higher level of knowledge, a comprehensive assessment of the country’s educational progress needs to be carried out in order to ensure that those aspirations become realities and enable people to benefit from the available job opportunities in the public and private sectors.” 


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