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Ministry updates two Omani standards for paints

9 Jan 2021

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion (MoCIIP) has updated two Omani standards. These are the Omani Standard No OS 197 for paints and varnishes, including emulsified paints for internal and external painting, and the Omani Standard No OS 240 for paints and varnishes, including glossy alkyd paints, and semi-glossy and matte finish for interior and exterior surfaces.

The updates of the two Omani standards aim at keeping in pace with developments of the paints industry and modifying certain characteristics that affect the environment and health of the consumer.

Nadia bint Mohammad al Siyabi, head of the Chemical and Petroleum Products Standards Department in the Directorate General of Standards and Metrology, MoCIIP, stated that the updates of the two Omani standards have been set in Arabic and English following reviews of other Arabian and international standard specifications, reference literature, and related laws.

She pointed out that the two Omani standards dealt with the definitions of the terms related to emulsifying and alkyd paints. She also clarified that the definitions include pigmentation.

Nadia emphasised that the two standards draft set technical requirements to ensure the quality of both types of paints, including absence of microorganisms, coagulation, superficial agglutination, solid deposition of pigment, agglomeration and rust in the container. 

Also, any residual pigment should be quickly dispersed on stirring to form a smoothly homogeneous paint, free from permanent foam. The paint should not have an unpleasant odour, and the layer of paint should not show any form of wrinkling or blotting immediately after a test plate comes out of water.

The standards also specify other requirements related to the drying and hardening of paints and varnishes. 


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