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Mazoon Dairy signs pact to recycle plastic, solid waste

6 Jan 2021

Mazoon Dairy Company on Wednesday signed an agreement with Recycling Services Company to recycle plastic and solid waste, as it seeks through adoption of such solutions to recycle 90 per cent of its waste. 

The agreement was signed by Ahmed bin Muhammad al Ghafri, chief support officer of Mazoon Dairy, and Mahmoud bin Abdullah al Ameri, CEO of Recycling Services Company.

The signing of the agreement coincided with the sultanate’s celebration of Oman Environment Day which falls on January 8 every year. It is an expression of participation in the global and the national efforts of preservation and conservation of environmental resources, and an emphasis on Oman’s rooted culture in coping with the environment. 

“The agreement is the first of its kind in the sultanate, as the company has spaces dedicated to sorting all kinds of waste and recycling within its facilities,” said the chief support officer of  Mazoon Dairy. 

“This agreement will expand the company’s waste recycling scope to include more types and quantities of waste that include plastic and solid waste. It is part of our social responsibility and our commitment towards efficient waste management resulting from our operations.” 

Mazen bin Hilal al Saadi, director of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment of Mazoon Dairy, added, “The quantities that will be recycled and reused are estimated at 5 to 10 tonnes per day; as the organic waste is transferred to the biogas plant, the solid waste will be recycled. The amount of plastic that will be recycled is estimated at 250 tonnes and will increase with the expansion of operations. 

“This initiative will achieve a quantum leap in terms of sustainability and preservation of the environment and within the environmental solutions that Mazoon Dairy has drawn up.” 

Mazoon Dairy worked on afforestation of its site in Sunaina in Al Sallahiyah with 7,000 different types of trees, where the step of afforestation came after the completion of all construction work on the site, ensuring the operation of the sewage plant, and equipping modern irrigation systems. 

The cultivated trees include windbreaks, ornamental trees, and some fruit trees that are suitable for the desert environment. 

Mazoon Dairy’s eco-friendly programmes include sustainability plans, reducing emissions and environmentally friendly solutions. 

The company has also banned the use of plastic on its site through the distribution of environmentally friendly bags starting from July of last year. 

The initiative was completed by distributing environmentally friendly bags to the people of Sunaina as the first wilayat to ban the use of plastic bags. 


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